Student Support Units


Tasks of Student Support Units in particular cover administrative handling of the tasks executed by vice-rector competent for students’ affairs and vice-rector, including drawing up decisions and summons as well as other documents, handling of appropriate IT system, including maintaining and updating register of students and postgraduate students, as well as financial handling, including verifying payments, issuing invoices, summons, contracts for education services, drawing up decisions regarding concessions and exemptions from payments, administrative handling of full-time and part-time students from all levels of studies, preparing and coordinating procedures related to conclusion of studies, supporting academic teachers operating the Uniform Anti-plagiarism System, cooperating with International Relations Department during qualifying students for abroad mobility as well as developing templates for documents (applications, motions, petitions) to be used by students.

Student Support Units Coordinator
Bożena Burdziak, MA
phone: +48  91-444-2531; +48 797 725 857
16, Mickiewicza St, room 210

Current information

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