University Careers Service


University Careers Service has been supporting students and recent graduates since 2006/2007.
We help in choosing your professional path and finding a job that meets your expectations, aspirations and qualifications.
Talk with us over tea or coffee in a friendly atmosphere.

What do we offer?

  • job, internship and volunteering database;
  • career counselling: choosing the right profession and workplace,
  • career counselling: diagnosing your potential and professional preferences,
  • carreer counselling: a job interview preparation;
  • career counselling: a professional CV and a cover letter;
  • carrer counselling: choosing a right field of study;
  • information about the academic offer, professions and labour market in general;
  • information about training institutions;
  • participation in our events such us job fairs, workshops, etc.

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University Careers Service
12, Cukrowa St., room 235
71-004 Szczecin
+48 91 444 3702