Piastów Campus


Student Support Unit of this Campus serves students of two Faculties:

  • Faculty of Health and Physical Education: physical education, public health, sports diagnostics
  • Faculty of Humanities: archaeology, journalism, media and communication, journalism and media management, English studies, German studies, Polish studies, Romance studies, philosophy, global communication, history, Italian studies with elements of Christian studies, cognitive science of communication, cultural studies, linguistics for business – Russian-Polish-German translation, media and civilization, intercultural mediation, cultural heritage manager, political studies, Russian-Polish translation with an additional foreign language, international relations, war and military science studies, writing studies

Organization of classes in A.Y. 2021/22   

Guidelines to conducting classes in A.Y. 2021/22   


From March 14 2022, students of the University of Szczecin can generate their own mLegitymacja (Student ID). The document, which is a digital equivalent of a plastic card, will be displayed in the mObywatel application.

In order to obtain mLegitymacja, you must have a valid student ID and mObywatel application on your phone installed. To activate the application, you need a Trusted Profile, which can be created on the website of the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

Qualification time!

From 1st February to 14th March 2022 there is a qualification for mobilities within the Erasmus+: programme countries (EU/EFTA) in the a.y. 2022/2023. Qualification website: https://outgoing2.dsm.usz.edu.pl/ It is for both STUDIES, and TRAINEESHIP!

We invite you to take part in the information meetings with IRD team, during which you can learn about those mobilities and ask a question.Meetings will be held on MS Teams on the following dates:07/02/2022 – godz. 11:00 – 12:00 – https://bit.ly/347SmP7 (Polish)14/02/2022 – godz. 13:00 – 14:00 – https://bit.ly/3KZIOXh (Polish)
18/02/2022 – godz. 09:30 – 10:30 – https://bit.ly/3ubVsMC (English)

Code to join our MS Teams group: ntpn7ni

Faculty of Health and Physical Education - Contact information

Faculty of Health and Physical Education – Student Support Unit
40 B, Piastów Ave, build.  VI
71-065 Szczecin

Acting Head of the Unit: Beata Cyranka, MA
full-time studies: sports diagnostics, public health
part-time studies: physical education (second-cycle)
phone: +48 91-444-2733
room 18

Agnieszka Sarosiek
full-time studies: Physical education, Tourism and leisure
part-time studies: Physical education (first-cycle)
phone: +48 91-444-2733
room 18

Faculty of Humanities - Contact information

Faculty of Humanities – Student Support Unit
40 B, Piastów Ave, build. VI
71-065 Szczecin

Head of the Unit: Anna Rakowska, MA
phone: +48 91-444-2808
room 21

Małgorzata Ziobrowska
phone: +48 91-444-2758
room 20

Anna Rakowska, MA
full-time studies: Baltic cultural studies, Romance studies
part-time studies: English studies
phone: +48 91-444-2603
room 23

Anna Bławat
full-time and part-time studies: German studies, German studies with an additional foreign language
phone: +48 91-444-2715
room 22

Joanna Cieślak, MA
full-time studies: Archeology, Philosophy, History, Cognitive science of communication
phone: +48 91-444-2606
room 20

Małgorzata Garzyńska
full-time studies: English studies, Russian studies with an additional foreign language
phone: +48 91-444-2700
room 23

Anna Guzieniuk, MSc
full-time studies: Norwegian studies, Polish Language studies, Writing studies, Linguistics for business, Russian-Polish translation with an additional foreign language
phone: 91-444-2791
room 23

Piotr Imiela, MA
full-time studies: Journalism and media management, Journalism and social communication, Media and civilisation, Intercultural mediation, Cultural heritage manager, International relations, Studies on war and the military
part-time studies: Spanish studies
phone: +48 91-444-2770
room 22

Aleksandra Niedbała
full-time studies: Spanish studies, Global communication, Italian studies with elements of Christianity studies
phone: +48 91-444-2709
room 22