Active and innovative university

The University of Szczecin is an academic centre focused on innovation, on the implementation of modern research and teaching solutions, on breaking stereotypes and limitations in acquiring knowledge and on solving research problems.
The Doctoral School of the University of Szczecin provides ground for cooperation with business and the community and educates doctoral students in cooperation with their employers, which helps materialise the so-called implementation doctorates.
The University of Szczecin has robust experience in educating students, it analyses the labour market and develops modern and unique courses that enable students to get specialised knowledge and sought-after skills.

Barrier-free university

The University of Szczecin is the largest university in the West Pomeranian Province and offers support to persons with disabilities in gaining higher education. Thanks to its system of support services (e.g. psychological and technological assistance) and their quality, the University is a leader among academic centres in the region and attracts the largest number of persons with disabilities.

University supporting the community

The University of Szczecin’s offer and activities also support business and the community. Our University primarily looks to entrepreneurs and other entities whose activity determines the dynamics of development in the West Pomeranian region.

University without borders

International initiatives are an important element of the University of Szczecin’s development strategy. In December 2020, the University was granted the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for the years 2021 – 2027, which provides a quality framework for European and international cooperation. Thanks to this award, the University will continue its active participation in the Erasmus+ programme, which has been operating in Poland since 1998.
The University of Szczecin is becoming increasingly attractive for foreigners coming to Poland outside international exchange programmes. The organisational and life possibilities created by the University of Szczecin bridge geographical barriers, thus creating new opportunities for the admission of foreign students. The internationalisation at the University is not only about mobility or research projects. It also includes internationalisation at home for all US employees.

Clean energy university

The hallmarks of the outstanding research activity of the staff of the University of Szczecin include the work of the Nuclear, Medical and Plasma Physics Research Group. The experimental and theoretical research topics range from nuclear astrophysics, to plasma physics, to low energy nuclear reactions, to radiobiology and radiotherapy. Researchers’ interests also include the development of concepts for new energy sources based on nuclear fusion and fission.

University for the environment

The scientific activity of the University of Szczecin is largely determined by the specific character of West Pomerania, including the proximity of the Baltic Sea. University employees carry out monitoring works on the coastal zone in which they observe the coast itself, its climate and ecology.
The uniqueness of West Pomerania also means the uniqueness of its natural resources, which are worth preserving for scientific and educational purposes. A flagship project in this respect involves the digitisation and accessibility of resources in the form of a virtual repository Herbarium Pomeranicum that stores 468,000 archival documents from the collections of the Pomeranian University in Słupsk, the University of Gdańsk and the University of Szczecin.

University of humanities

The University of Szczecin is also a university of humanists, outstanding representatives of Polish literature, whose activity boasts a high level of scientific activity and literary creation, as seen in the achievements of the staff of the Institute of Literature and New Media.
The University of Szczecin is also a centre that cultivates the memory of Joanna Kulmowa, an extraordinary poet, novelist and author of stage plays and children’s books. The Research Workshop on the Works of Joanna Kulmowa is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Szczecin’s literary scholars.

Open university

The University of Szczecin is also an important place for city residents who want to improve their qualifications or develop their interests.
A real diamond among undertakings that popularise science is the international photo competition, which is part of the international scientific and teaching project Mathematics in Focus.
Popularisation activities are also carried out by the Institute of Biology, whose employees have trained over 8,000 people in lectures and laboratory and field activities to raise environmental awareness.
The Szczecin Senior University for Humanities pursues the idea of involving seniors in academic life, starting from their participation in selected classes and conferences,  to participation in scientific research, to enrolling at the university, also on postgraduate courses.