Narutowicza Campus


Student Support Unit of this Campus serves students of law, law of the uniformed services, cyber law and data protection, medical law.

Organization of classes in A.Y. 2021/22   

Guidelines to conducting classes in A.Y. 2021/22   


From March 14 2022, students of the University of Szczecin can generate their own mLegitymacja (Student ID). The document, which is a digital equivalent of a plastic card, will be displayed in the mObywatel application.

In order to obtain mLegitymacja, you must have a valid student ID and mObywatel application on your phone installed. To activate the application, you need a Trusted Profile, which can be created on the website of the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

Qualification time!

From 1st February to 14th March 2022 there is a qualification for mobilities within the Erasmus+: programme countries (EU/EFTA) in the a.y. 2022/2023. Qualification website: It is for both STUDIES, and TRAINEESHIP!

We invite you to take part in the information meetings with IRD team, during which you can learn about those mobilities and ask a question.Meetings will be held on MS Teams on the following dates:07/02/2022 – godz. 11:00 – 12:00 – (Polish)14/02/2022 – godz. 13:00 – 14:00 – (Polish)
18/02/2022 – godz. 09:30 – 10:30 – (English)

Code to join our MS Teams group: ntpn7ni

Contact information

Narutowicza Campus Student Support Unit
17A, Narutowicza St.
70-240 Szczecin

Head of the Unit: Angelika Sikorska, MA
phone: +48 91-444-3034
room 3

Deputy Head of the Unit: Dr Aleksandra Kruczek-Cichocka
phone: +48 91-444-2853
room 3

Monika Pacocha, MSc
phone: +48 91-444-2850
room 2

Agnieszka Gańcza
phone: +48 91-444-2854
room 1

Natalia Knera, MA
phone: +48 91-444-3028
room 2

Małgorzata Kujawa
phone: +48 91-444-3033
room 2

Sylwia Suszko, MA
phone: +48 91-444-3032
room 1

Dorota Sztuka
phone: +48 91-444-2850
room 2