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  • Admissions

  • Faculty authorities

    Assoc. Prof. Małgorzata Łatuszyńska, Professor of the University of Szczecin
    64, Mickiewicza St., room 117
    phone: +48 91 444 2120
    e-mail: dziekan.efz@usz.edu.pl

    Deputy Dean for Quality of Education and Implementation of the Development Strategy
    Assoc. Prof. Jacek Buko, Professor of the University of Szczecin
    8, Cukrowa St., room 310
    e-mail: prodziekan.efz.jk@usz.edu.pl

    Deputy Dean for Students Affairs at Cukrowa Campus
    Assoc. Prof. Joanna Wiśniewska, Professor of the University of Szczecin
    8, Cukrowa St., room 017
    phone: +48 91 444 3330
    e-mail: prodziekan.cukrowa@usz.edu.pl

    Deputy Dean for Students Affairs at Mickiewicza Campus
    dr Tomasz Norek
    64, Mickiewicza St., room 119
    telefon: +48 91 444 1924
    e-mail: prodziekan.mickiewicza@usz.edu.pl

  • Degree programmes

    Programmes taught in English

    • Economics and IT Applications – first- cycle studies, general academic profile, full-time studies.
      It is a programme that combines economic knowledge with the practical use of information technologies in business. The main objective of the field of study is to strengthen the position of graduates on the labour market, both nationally and internationally, by preparing them to work in enterprises and public institutions where English is the primary language of communication. The studies also provide practical preparation of graduates in the application of modern ICT applications at work at every level of employment.
      Studies Programme
    • Public Management – second-cycle studies, general academic profile, full-time studies.
      The studies provide theoretical and practical knowledge about the essence, regularity and problems of functioning of public, social and non-profit sector entities. The studies develop competencies necessary to take up professional positions in specialist and managerial positions in state and local government units of various levels, non-governmental organisations, all types of associations and foundations aimed at promoting education or shaping the image of a given city or region.
      Studies Programme

    Programmes taught in Polish

    The Faculty offers 14 fields of study in Polish:

    • Water security (first-cycle studies)
    • Economics (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Economic and legal studies (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Finances  and accounting (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Real estate management (first-cycle studies)
    • Spatial planning (first-cycle studies)
    • IT and econometrics (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Logistics (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Engineering logistics (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Entrepreneurship  and investment (first-cycle studies)
    • IT in business (first-cycle studies)
    • Real estate market (second-cycle studies)
    • Tourism  and Recreation (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Management (first and second-cycle studies)
  • Erasmus Students

  • Student research groups

    Cukrowa Campus

    1. KAIZEN Quality Student Research Group
    2. Business – Innovation – Networking Student Research Group
    3. “Euroeconomicus” Financial Scientists Student Research Group
    4. LogUS Logistics Student Research Group
    5. US KonTur Tourism Student Research Group
    6. Transport Student Research Group
    7. Business Communication Student Research Group
    8. “Project” Project Management Student Research Group
    9. Lean&Smart Student Research Group
    10. “Sugarradio” Student Research Group
    11. Enterprise Economics Student Research Group

    Mickiewicza Campus

    1. Marketing Student Research Group
    2. “Initiative” Organisation and Management  Student Research Group
    3. AS Economics “Active Students” Student Research Group
    4. Real Estate Management and Quantitative Methods Student Research Group
    5. Information Technology Student Research Group
    6. “Economics & Ecology” Student Research Group
    7. Economic Analysis Student Research Group
    8. “Storno” Accounting Student Research Group
    9. IMPULS Behavioural Economics and Macroeconomics Student Research Group
    10. Finance and Banking Student Research Group
    11. US Econom – Economy Student Research Group
    12. Safe Water Student Research Group

    In addition, there are other student organisations at the Faculty, such as the Student Government, AIESEC Szczecin and the bridge section.

  • Contact information

    email: dziekan.efz@usz.edu.pl
    phone: +48 91 444 21 20

    University’s address book
    You may contact every staff member by writing to name.surname[at]usz.edu.pl


Faculty of Economics, Finance and Management has the longest history among higher education units in Western Pomerania. The directions of the Faculty’s development and its current form were determined by the following events:

– On October 14th 1946, the first ever Western Pomeranian university (as a branch of the Poznan University of Commerce) was inaugurated in Szczecin, with Prof. Dr. h.c. as its rector. Leon Babiński.

– In 1950 the school was nationalized and renamed the Higher School of Economics, which later became part of the Szczecin University of Technology as the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport.

– In 1985, as a result of the merger of Szczecin’s university units, the Faculty of Economics was created, which became part of the newly established University of Szczecin.

– In 1997, the Faculty of Economics changed its name to the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management.

– In 1999 the Faculty of Management and Economics of Services was established at the University of Szczecin.

– In 2008 the Faculty of Earth Sciences was established at the University of Szczecin.

– In 2019, as a result of the merger of the Faculty of Economics and Management, the Faculty of Management and Economics of Services and the Institute of Socio-Economic Geography and Spatial Planning of the Faculty of Geociences, Faculty of Economics , Finance and Management was created.