• 3 APRIL 2024

    The University of Szczecin has been involved in the initiative of creating a new national park since February 2023. The new Lower Odra Valley National Park is to be setup within borders of the current Międzyodrze Landscape Park. This is the first new national park in Poland in 23 years.The initiative group is created by the scientists, artist and local activists.
    The Międzyodrze area is very important for the entire Odra River ecosystem, especially in times of ecological disasters. It is a refuge for fauna, so life can feed the main riverbed after the disaster. It is a refuge for many protected species of birds, amphibians, mammals, invertebrates, plants and natural habitats. This huge peat bog, located in the arms of the Eastern and Western Odra, is crossed by many kilometers of oxbow lakes and canals that are overgrowing. It is necessary to cover this area with active protection measures that will improve water flow and increase biodiversity. The creation of a national park will provide this area with a caring host, ennoblement, tourist development, and our region will gain a natural pearl, comparable to the Danube Delta.

    The Vice-Minister for Climate and Environment announced in February 2024 that works on setting up the Lower Odra Valley National Park had been started. Prof. Agnieszka Szlauer-Łukaszewska of the Institute of Marine and Environmental Sciences of the University of Szczecin joined a ministarial task group for creating the Lower Odra Valley National Park.

    More information about the Lower Odra Valley