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The Faculty has its origins in the Administrative Studies Programme that was offered by  the Higher School of Education in Szczecin, established in 1973. On 12 July 1984 the Sejm (Lower House of Parliament) passed an act on the establishment of the University, and the Institute of Law and Administration was incorporated into it.

The research conducted at the Institute of Legal Sciences varies in nature: descriptive, explanatory, empirical, quantitative and qualitative. With regard to the research problems, the academic staff carry out theoretical, theoretical-practical and practical research, placing it in a historical as well as a comparative legal context.
The areas of particular interest include the issues of constitutional law, administrative law and proceedings, environmental law, financial and tax law, criminal law and proceedings, civil law and proceedings, commercial law, family law, business law, labour law, public international law, European Union law, and local self-government law.

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  • Departments

    Scientific and Education Projects Office
    The office provides support in acquiring and settling project accounts that involve scientific research or R&D activities financed by external institutions under a competition procedure.
    Dr Adriana Tomczyk – Head of the Department
    Dr Marta Jasińska.
    Contact Information: Dr Marta Jasińska, e-mail: marta.jasinska@usz.edu.pl,

    International Publications Office
    The aim of the office is to establish cooperation with foreign publishers in order to expand the area of research and its interdisciplinary character.
    Agata Szwed, MA – Head of the Department
    Karolina Słotwińska, MA
    Contact information: Agata Szwed, MA, e-mail: agata.szwed@usz.edu.pl

    Ranking Office
    Analysis of law faculty rankings and university rankings drawn up in Poland and abroad; examination of ranking criteria and preparation of recommendations.
    Dr Karolina Ziemianin – Head of the Department;
    Dr Marta Jasińska,
    Jakub Baranowski, MA
    Grzegorz Lipiński, MA
    Monika Niedźwiecka, MA
    Contact information: Dr Karolina Ziemianin, e-mail: karolina.ziemianin@usz.edu.pl

  • Research Teams

    Contemporary Challenges in Constitutional Law

    Ongoing analysis and presentation of pluralistic research concepts of European and global constitutionalism in the context of current challenges to the relationship between EU and national law as found in judicial decisions.
    Research Team Leader: Prof. Andrzej Bałaban, e-mail: andrzej.balaban@usz.edu.pl
    Prof. Jerzy Ciapała
    Dr Ewa Milczarek
    Dr Ewa Michałkiewicz-Kądziela
    Dr Kamil Dąbrowski
    Jan Uniejewski, MA

    Environmental Law

    Analysing current environmental law and proposing changes to it. Research problems: systemic issues of environmental law, waste management, environmental impact assessment, activity of local self-government in environmental protection, promotion of green attitudes.
    Research Team Leader: Assoc. Prof. Anna Barczak, Prof. of the University of Szczecin US, e-mail: anna.barczak@usz.edu.pl
    Prof. Marek Górski
    Dr Adrianna Ogonowska
    Dr Mateusz Tomczyk
    Marek Łazor, MA


    Philosophy, Theory and Economic Analysis of the Law

    Research topics: design rules of the criminal law system and the roles of legal doctrines, semiotics of the principles of criminal liability, epistemic and axiological problems of interpretation and establishing facts in the application of the law, economization of the law, theory of tax law, ethical
    aspects of taxation, theory of law-making, theory of conventional acts in law.
    Research Team Leader: Assoc. Prof. Olgierd Bogucki, Prof. of the University of Szczecin, e-mail: olgierd.bogucki@usz.edu.pl
    Dr Beata Kanarek
    Assoc. Prof. Krystyna Nizioł, Prof. of the University of Szczecin
    Dr Michał Peno
    Assoc. Prof. Katarzyna Święch-Kujawska, Prof. of the University of Szczecin

    Creation and Interpretation of the Law

    Methodology of legal sciences, theoretical and legal concepts (above all, the derivative conception of the interpretation of law and the conception of conventional acts in the law), as well as communicative aspects of law in terms of its creation, interpretation and application. The research is interdisciplinary by drawing on the achievements of law studies, philosophy of science, linguistics, science of communication, philosophy of language or philosophy of action.
    Research Team Leader: Assoc. Prof. Agnieszka Choduń, Prof. of the University of Szczecin, e-mail: agnieszka.chodun@usz.edu.pl
    Dr Karolina Gmerek, e-mail: karolina.gmerek@usz.edu.pl
    Assoc. Prof. Iwona Szymczak
    Dagmara Szulc, MA

    Protection of Human Rights in the Polish Legal System

    The main research areas include the following issues:

    • Political  freedoms and rights, their implementation in legislation in the context of democratic standards;
    • Organisation and functioning of elective bodies in public administration as guarantees of human rights protection;
    • The right to vote in a secret ballot in the context of jurisprudence of Polish courts;
    • The scope of criminal law protection of voters’ rights and the principle of secret ballot;
    • The right to protection of privacy, including personal data.

    Research Team Leader: Assoc. Prof. Jerzy Ciapała, Prof. of the University of Szczecin, e-mail: jerzy.ciapala@usz.edu.pl
    Dr Agata Pyrzyńska, e-mail: agata.pyrzynska@usz.edu.pl
    Dr Radosław Zych, e-mail: radoslaw.zych@usz.edu.pl

    Legal Protection of the Family

    The research covers a set of norms concerning the legal protection of the family. They belong to various fields of substantive private law, procedural law, public law, especially administrative law, as well as conflict-of-laws rules and comparative law. Doctrinal analysis of positive law provisions in the context of their perception through the prism of the functioning of family-related legal instrument.
    Research Team Leader: Dr Katarzyna Anna Dadańska, e-mail: katarzyna.dadanska@usz.edu.pl
    Assoc. Prof. Krystyna Nizioł, Prof. of the University of Szczecin
    Assoc. Prof. Dorota Sokołowska, Prof. of the University of Szczecin
    Dr Michał Peno

    Civil Procedural Law and Computerization of Justice

    Research on civil procedural law and computerization of justice:

    • Prejudicial proceedings in civil cases;
    • Security and enforcement proceedings;
    • • Exercise of the profession of a court enforcement officer International and European civil proceedings;
    • Arbitration, mediation, negotiation and other alternative methods of civil disputes resolution;
    • Bankruptcy and restructuring law.

    Research Team Leader: Assoc. Prof. Kinga Flaga-Gieruszyńska, Prof. of the University of Szczecin, e-mail: kinga.flaga-gieruszynska@usz.edu.pl
    Assoc. Prof. Vytautas Nerosius, Prof. of the University of Szczecin
    Dr Aleksandra Klich
    Dr Karolina Ziemianin
    Dr Radek Wasilewski
    Michał Wojdała, MA
    Paweł Nowotko, MA


    Financial Law

    The research covers financial security of the state, i.e. security in the sphere of public finances, taxes and on the financial market. The research assumptions are motivated by the dynamics of changes in the financial, banking and tax law, taking into account the impact of the EU legislation, which creates situations threatening the maintenance of public order and security.
    Research Team Leader: Dr Ewa Kowalewska, e-mail: ewa.kowalewska@usz.edu.pl
    Dr Wojciech Bożek
    Dr Paweł Mańczyk
    Dawid Czesyk, MA
    Dominika Wróblewska, MA

    International and European Union Law

    International law and European Union law from the perspective of the determinants of their development. To define the contemporary determinants of the development of law and to show the feedback between the development of international law and its various instruments. In particular: the changes in the field of international human rights protection, international refugee law, international criminal law, as well as the issues concerning the acquisition and loss of territory in the light of international law and treaty practice (with particular emphasis on Polish treaty practice).
    Research Team Leader: Prof. Piotr Łaski
    Assoc. Prof. Ewelina Cała-Wacinkiewicz, Prof. of the University of Szczecin
    Assoc. Prof. Wojciech Staszewski, Prof. of the University of Szczecin
    Agata Szwed, MA, e-mail: agata.szwed@usz.edu.pl
    Karolina Słotwińska, MA

    Electronic Communications Law

    Organisation and functioning of administration bodies and issues concerning administrative proceedings conducted with the use of information and communication technologies. Processes of automation, robotisation and artificial intelligence in the area of private and public law, the use of electronic means of communication in public administration, the cyber security of ICT systems, network security, the protection of personal data processed in ICT systems, the importance of e-administration and e-services in legal transactions.
    Research Team Leader: Assoc. Prof. Aleksandra Monarcha-Matlak, Prof. of the University of Szczecin, e-mail: aleksandra.monarcha-matlak@usz.edu.pl
    Dr Przemysław Zdyb, e-mail: przemyslaw.zdyb@usz.edu.pl
    Dominika Skoczylas, MA, e-mail: dominika.skoczylas@usz.edu.pl

    Criminal Law

    Analysis of criminal law carried out with the aim of improving its quality, revision of criminal law from the perspective of contemporary developments in theory and doctrine.
    Research Team Leader: Prof. Łukasz Pohl, e-mail: lukasz.pohl@usz.edu.pl
    Dr Mariusz Nawrocki, e-mail: mariusz.nawrocki@usz.edu.pl
    Dr Magdalena Kowalewska-Łukuć, email: magdalena.kowalewska-lukuc@usz.edu.pl
    Dr Konrad Burdziak, e-mail: konrad.burdziak@usz.edu.pl
    Dr Małgorzata Żbikowska, e-mail: malgorzata.zbikowska@usz.edu.pl
    Monika Niedźwiecka, MA, e-mail: monika.niedzwiedzka@usz.edu.pl

    Municipal Economy

    Organisation and operation of municipal economy in the public-private legal aspect: performance by local government units of their own tasks to satisfy individual and collective needs of the inhabitants. The nature of the activities undertaken (government authority-related and non-government authority-related) determines the form of co-operation of local government units with the environment.
    Research Team Leader: Assoc. Prof. Daniel Wacinkiewicz, Prof. of the University of Szczecin
    Assoc. Prof. Przemysław Kledzik
    Dr Ewa Koniuszewska
    Dr Marzena Radziun
    Dr Szymon Słotwiński, e-mail: szymon.slotwinski@usz.edu.pl
    Dr Michał Białkowski
    Dr Marek Stawecki
    Weronika Woźna-Burdziak, MA
    Jakub Baranowski, MA, e-mail: jakub.baranowski@usz.edu.pl

    Civil Law Aspects of Business Trading

    Civil law regulation of economic traffic, in particular transport, tourism, insurance and intellectual property law.

    • analysis of national and international law regulations and identification of legislative and judicial trends;
    • formulation of de lege lata and de lege ferenda conclusions, development of optimal solutions in the scope of national regulations concerning business trading;
    • development of solutions in the substantive law allowing for simplification and acceleration of settling accounts between the participants of economic turnover.

    Reserach Team Leader: Assoc. Prof. Krzysztof Wesołowski, Prof. of the University of Szczecin, e- mail: krzysztof.wesolowski@usz.edu.pl
    Dr Dorota Ambrożuk
    Dr Daniel Dąbrowski
    Dr Konrad Garnowski
    Dr Sławomir Tomczyk
    Anna Leśnik, MA
    Małgorzata Szymszon, MA

  • Acta Iuris Stetinensis

  • Conferences

    Nowe bramy bezpieczeństwa (The New Security Gates) – September 2021
    The conference is organized by Electronic Communications Law Research Team and the Research Group of Administration Students
    Contact information: Assoc. Prof. Aleksandra Monarcha-Matlak, Prof. of the University of Szczecin US, e-mail: aleksandra.monarcha-matlak@usz.edu.pl
    Dr Przemysław Zdyb, e-mail: przemyslaw.zdyb@usz.edu.pl
    Dominika Skoczylas, MA, e-mail: dominika.skoczylas@usz.edu.pl

    Inkluzja społeczna osób z niepełnosprawnościami (The social inclusion of people with disabilities) – 2021
    Contact information: Dr Marta Jasińska, e-mail: marta.jasinska@usz.edu.pl
    Adriana Tomczyk, MA, e-mail: adriana.tomczyk@usz.edu.pl

    Zawody zaufania publicznego – tradycje i wyzwania współczesności (Professions of Public Trust – tradition and contemporary challenges) – 15-16 April 2021
    The conference is organized by Institute of Legal Sciences, Szczecin Bar Association and Amicus Facultatis Iuris Stetinensis Association
    Contact information: Dr Kamil Dąbrowski, e-mail: kamil.dabrowski@usz.edu.pl
    Dominika Wróblewska, MA, e-mail: dominika.wroblewska@usz.edu.pl

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    Adriana Nowakowska, MA
    e-mail: adriana.nowakowska@usz.edu.pl
    phone: +48 91 444 2852

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