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The IT Department renders services regarding IT support at the University of Szczecin. The IT Dept. consists of three sections:

The Users Support section:

  1. Provides technical support to employees of the University regarding information technology services supervised by the IT Dept.
  2. Warranty and post-warranty service of computers and peripheral devices.
  3. Support in regards to proper use of computer software at a work station.
  4. Verification and review of the problems related to computer devices, estimation of cost-effectiveness of repairs.
  5. Preparing applications and technical specifications in regards to financing purchases related to informatization of the University.
  6. Managing the ticket system.

The University Information Systems section:

  1. Supervision over proper operations and functioning of the information systems of the University.
  2. Coordination and control over the data transferred to external systems (e.g. POL-on.)
  3. Coordinating actions related to informatization of the University (system integration, implementation of new solutions).
  4. Consultations regarding the needs related to IT.
  5. Planning requisitions regarding information systems.

The Infrastructure section

  1. Maintaining key components of the information infrastructure of the University (such as: servers, storage arrays, routers, switches, firewalls etc.)
  2. Supervision, management and administration of the servers serviced by the IT Dept.
  3. Managing and administration of the active network devices (switches, routers, firewalls, wireless network controllers).
  4. Supervision over and managing the University Computer Network (UCN).
  5. Supervision over local networks in organizational units of the University.
  6. Supervising Network Address Format and Internet Domains of the University.
  7. Connecting infrastructural devices to the UCN.
  8. Supervision over functioning of telephone (IT) communication system of the University.
  9. Planning development, expansion and modernization of the UCN.
  10. Participation in work of Users’ Council of the City Academic Computer Network (CACN). Cooperation with the Academic IT Centre (AITC) in regards to exploitation and expansion of the CACN.
  11. Realization of tasks in the field of IT security.
  12. Planning and coordination of implementation of innovative technological solutions in the field of IT security and solutions related to network and server infrastructure.
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