Phone lines

To connect with external numbers (from outside the University of Szczecin) please dial 0 followed by the requested number.
Voice mail for each number is inactive, in order to access this service contact the system administrator to unlock the voice mail service.
Automatic dial-up of the programmed numbers is achieved by pushing the # key twice followed by the programmed number, e.g. ##2.

E-mail account

Each student, PhD candidate and staff member receives access to an e-mail account in the domain. Please, use this assigned e-mail address to communicate with the University of Szczecin. You will receive messages and notifications from the University of Szczecin to this e-mail address.

In order to change your password, please go to and follow instructions below



Employees and students of the institutions using the Eduroam system can access the Internet at the premises of all associated institutions, both domestically and abroad. The Eduroam service in Poland is available through PIONIER network infrastructure and the connected city networks managed by the institutions which are members of the PIONIER Consortium.
The University of Szczecin offers wireless access to the Internet within the framework of the Eduroam service.
Each employee and student of the University of Szczecin who has a university e-mail account can connect to the network in the designated wireless Internet connection hotspots.