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  • Admissions

  • Faculty authorities

    Associated Prof. Krzysztof Nerlicki, Professor of the University of Szczecin
    40b, Piastów Ave, build. 5, room 208
    phone: +48 91 444 27 12
    e-mail: dziekan.hum@usz.edu.pl

    Deputy Dean for Students Affairs at Piastów Campus
    dr Aleksandra Kamińska
    e-mail: aleksandra.kaminska@usz.edu.pl

    Deputy Dean for Students Affairs at Krakowska Campus
    dr Marcin Szydłowski
    e-mail: marcin.szydlowski@usz.edu.pl

  • Degree programmes

    Programmes taught in English

    Global communication (first -cycle studies). The objective of the studies is to combine general knowledge, especially in the field of global, transcultural, economic, legal and corporate communication, with practical language skills. Its graduates work as: advisors, mediators, customer service specialists, text editors, administrative staff in international companies, educational and cultural institutions.

    Faculty of Humanities offers the following courses (Polish language required):

    • Archeology (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Baltic cultural studies (second-cycle studies)
    • Cognitive science of communication (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Cultural heritage manager (second-cycle studies)
    • English Studies (first and second-cycle studies)
    • German studies with an additional foreign language (first-cycle studies)
    • German Studies (first and second-cycle studies)
    • History (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Intercultural mediation (first-cycle studies)
    • International relations (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Italian studies with elements of Christianity studies (first and second-cycle studies)
    • journalism and media management (second-cycle studies)
    • journalism and social communication (first-cycle studies)
    • Linguistics for business Russian-Polish-German translations (first-cycle studies)
    • Media and civilisation (first-cycle studies)
    • Norwegian Studies (first-cycle studies)
    • Philosophy (first and secon-cycle studies)
    • Polish Language  Studies (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Romance  Studies (second-cycle studies)
    • Romance Studies with a foreign language of a student’s  choice (first-cycle studies)
    • Russian Studies with an additional foreign language (first-cycle studies)
    • Russian-Polish translation with an additional foreign language (secon-cycle studies)
    • Spanish Studies (first-cycle studies)
    • Studies on war and the military (first-cycle studies)
    • Writing studies (first and second-cycle studies)
  • Polish Language and Culture School

  • Student research groups

    The Student Government Council of the Faculty  >>>

    1. Archivists Student Research Group
    2. Young historians Student Research Group
    3. Archaeological Student Research Group
    4. “Cognization” Student Research Group
    5. Celtologists Student Research Group
    6. “Zunge” Germanist Student Research Group
    7. Young translators Student Research Group
    8. “FILOROM” Student Research Group
    9. Czech Language Lovers Student Research Group
    10. Young Linguists Student Research Group
    11. The Slavs Student Research Group
    12. “Puerta del Sol” Student Research Group
    13. Viking Student Research Group
    14. US Journalists Student Research Group
    15. ‘Meritum’ Student Research Group
  • Contact information

    dr Jolanta Sypiańska
    40b, Piastów Ave, build. 5, room 104
    e-mail: jolanta.sypianska@usz.edu.pl

    University’s address book
    You may contact every staff member by writing to name.surname[at]usz.edu.pl


The current Faculty of Humanities was established on 1 October 2019. The Faculty provides education in four disciplines: philosophy, history, linguistics and literature studies. Before 01.10.2019 it was provided by the Faculty of Philology and then the Faculty of Humanities (now the Faculty of Social Sciences).
About 2000 students study at the Faculty of Humanities. The duties of the first dean of the Faculty of Humanities were performed in the period from 01.10.2019 to 31.08.2020 by dr Tomasz Szutkowski. Associated Prof. Krzysztof Nerlicki, Professor of the University of Szczecin was appointed Dean during the term of 2020-2024.