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  • Admissions

  • Faculty authorities

    Assoc. Prof.  Marta Stępień-Słodkowska, Professor of the University of Szczecin
    40b, Piastów Ave, build. 6, room 4
    phone: +48 91 444 27 52
    e-mail: marta.stepien-slodkowska@usz.edu.pl

    Deputy Dean for Students Affairs
    dr Elżbieta Sieńko-Awierianów, teaching Professor of the University of Szczecin
    40b, Piastów Ave, build. 6, room 10
    phone: +48 91 444 27 34
    e-mail: elzbieta.sienko-awierianow@usz.edu.pl

  • Degree programmes

    Programmes taught in Polish:

    • physical education (first and second-cycle studies)
    • public health (first and second-cycle studies)
    • sports diagnostics (first and second-cycle studies)
  • Student research groups

    1.  “Health Promoters” Student Research Group
    2. Physical Education Teraching Student Research Group
    3. Physical Culture Historians Student Research Group
    4. “Physiology of Sport in Practice” Student Research Group
  • Institute of Physical Culture Sciences

  • Contact information

    Assoc. Prof. Miłosz Stępiński
    e-mail: milosz.stepinski@usz.edu.pl
    University’s address book
    You may contact every staff member by writing to name.surname[at]usz.edu.pl


Faculty of Health and Physical Education of the University of Szczecin is the largest state-owned unit in Western Pomerania, which deals with personnel training for modern physical education, sport and public health.
The Faculty was established on 1 March 2011 on the basis of the Institute of Physical Culture, which has been operating since the beginning of the University of Szczecin. However, the Institute of Physical Culture has an even longer history than the University of Szczecin. It was incorporated into the university’s structures as a unit of the former Higher School of Pedagogy in Szczecin, where the first defence of the MA thesis on physical education took place in 1975.
Currently, the Faculty of Physical Culture and Health encourages candidates to study thanks to an interesting educational offer in the fields of study: physical education, public health and sports diagnostics.