• 5 DECEMBER 2023

    The research team for civil procedural law, medical law, and new technologies of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Szczecin has a great pleasure to inform about the upcoming AI in Law Congress, scheduled for 12th December 2023.

    New technologies, including solutions using artificial intelligence, have practical application in the administration of justice and in the legal professions. They will make lawyers’ work less labor-and-time consuming. Lawyers’ and legal specialists’ work will be more effective and at the same time will allow them to focus on activities that require expert knowledge. The goal is to achieve better results, including the provision of higher quality services, enhanced efficiency and increased productivity. However, the dynamics of technological transformation affect the future of law. That is why it is particularly important to place people and their rights at the center of digital transformation, increase security, protect and empower individuals, and promote the sustainability of the digital future.
    The AI in Law Congress is an event addressed to people who are interested in the application of artificial intelligence solutions in the field of justice and the legal professions as well as a wide range of enthusiasts seeking information about this dynamically developing technology and its legal aspects. The conference will create a platform for discussion, sharing experience, exploration of new technologies and networking.

    The Congress will take place on 12th December via MS Teams and the participation is free of charge. 

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