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  • Admissions

  • Faculty authorities

    dr Andrzej Wiśniewski
    15, Wielkopolska St., room 108A
    phone: +48 91 444 12 18
    e-mail: dziekan.spr@usz.edu.pl

    Deputy Dean for Students Affairs
    Assoc. Prof. Helena Więcław, Professor of the University of Szczecin
    13, Wąska St., room 12
    phone: +48 91 444 15 16, +48 91 444 16 69
    e-mail: helena.wieclaw@usz.edu.pl

  • Degree programmes

    The educational process is conducted in the fields of study assigned to the following disciplines:

    -Biological sciences

    -Earth and related environmental sciences

    -Physical sciences and mathematics.

    Faculty of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences offers the following courses (Polish language required):



    -Biological  Basis of Forensic Science


    -Genetics  and Experimental Biology






    -Environmental protection and engineering

    -Spectacle optics

  • Student research groups

    The Student Government Council of the Faculty is responsible for activities for the benefit of students of the Faculty. We invite you to contact us via the Facebook page or e-mail: samorzad.wnsip@gmail.com

    The following  research groups carry out their activities at the Faculty:

    1. “CancerX” Student Research Group

    2.Hydrobiologists Student Research Group

    3. Helmintology and Environmental Student Research Group

    4. Cellular Biologists “Matrix” Student Research Group

    5. ” Bearded Reedling ” Vertebrate Zoology Student Research Group

    6. Microbiologists and Immunologists Student Research Group

    7.Plant and Fungi Systematics “Boulder” Student Research Group

    8.Invertebrate Zoology “Worm” Student Research Group

    9. US Mathematicians Student Research Group

    10. US Meteorologists and Climatologists Student Research Group

    11. Physicists Student Research Group

    12. University of Szczecin Geologists Student Research Group

    13. Immunologists Student Research Group

    14. “GISior” Geoinformatics Student Research Group

    15. Young Mathematics Educators Student Research Group

    16. Mathematical Culture Student Research Group

  • Contact information

    Joanna Juran, MA
    phone: +48 91 444 1216
    e-mail: joanna.juran@usz.edu.pl
    University’s address book
    You may contact every staff member by writing to name.surname[at]usz.edu.pl


The Faculty was established in 2019 as a result of merging the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Geosciences. It is located in four places: the historic building of the Institute of Mathematics and the Institute of Physics at 15, Wielkopolska St., located a short distance from the city centre and near Kasprowicz Park and Arkoński Forest Park.
The Institute of Biology is located at 13, Wąska St., where the Student Service Center is also located. The Institute of Marine and Environmental Sciences is located at 16,18 Mickiewicza St.

Institutes cooperating with the Faculty