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  • Admissions

  • Faculty authorities

    Assoc. Prof. Irena Ramik-Mażewska, Prof. of the University of Szczecin
    71-79, Krakowska St, room 164
    phone: +48 91 444 32 35
    e-mail: dziekan.nsp@usz.edu.pl

    Deputy Dean for Students Affairs
    Dr Michał Romańczuk
    71-79, Krakowska St, room 163a
    e-mail: dos.krakowska@usz.edu.pl

  • Degree programmes

    Programmes taught in English

    • Social sciences (first-cycle studies). Studies enable the acquisition of knowledge in the field of: sociology, psychology, management, social communication and economics. They provide the student with competences that are important in the contemporary labour market, such as knowledge and the ability to solve key problems using the most up-to-date knowledge of social sciences and English-speaking terminology. In this model, students will learn to work in an interdisciplinary environment   >>>

    Programmes taught in Polish

    • Animation of culture (first-cycle studies)
    • National security (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Internal security (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Management of public institutions and public relations (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Political science (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Education – general academic profile (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Education – practical profile (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Pre-school and early childhood education (long-cycle studies)
    • Pre-school and early childhood education with extended art education (first-cycle studies)
    • Special education (long-cycle studies)
    • Social work (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Psychology (long-cycle studies)
    • Sociology (first and second-cycle studies)
    • Social engineering and social impact (first-cycle studies)
  • Student research groups

    The Student Government deals with many aspects of the educational process at the Faculty of Social Sciences and creates academic life by organizing cultural events. Representatives of students are present in such bodies as the Council of Institutes, Faculty Councils, Faculty Teams for Quality Assurance and Education Programmes, Senate and Rector’s Committees, Disciplinary Committees for students and Academic Teachers, Electoral College and the US Senate.
    The activity of the Faculty Student  Government is based on the support of Student Research Groups  and student organisations operating at the Faculty by means of targeted grants for scientific trips and conferences and co-organising with the Student Cultural Zone of  Student Research Groups Review

  • Contact information

    Dr Mateusz Smolaga
    e-mail: mateusz.smolaga@usz.edu.pl

    Dr Kalina Kukiełko-Rogozińska
    e-mail: kalina.rogozinska@usz.edu.pl

    University’s address book
    You may contact every staff member by writing to name.surname[at]usz.edu.pl


Faculty of Social Sciences educates students on a full-time and part-time basis in the following fields of study, assigned to the discipline: education studies, political and administrative science, psychology and sociology.