• 26 JUNE 2023

    We are pleased to inform you that researchers from the Institute of Sociology have joined an international consortium that will implement the project: Rethinking the Blue Economy: Socio-Ecological Impacts and Opportunities (CA22122). This action centres around the Blue Economy and related policies affecting European societies and aims at rethinking the Blue Economy, in two ways; by assessing its impact on coastal societies, and, by exploring opportunities deriving from innovations and potential synergies between established and emergent marine activities.

    The sociological research on the maritime economy, maritime professions and port cities is an important part of this project. Scientists from the Institute of Sociology of the University of Szczecin – dr hab. Agnieszka Kołodziej-Durnaś prof. US, dr hab. Arkadiusz Kolodziej prof. US and dr hab. Maciej Kowalewski, prof. SA participated in the preparation of the application and will be part of the working groups dedicated to these issues. At the same time, prof. Maciej Kowalewski was nominated by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage to represent Poland in the Managing Committee (MC) of this COST action.