• 15 MARCH 2023

    The Ministry of Education and Science informed about the final evaluation of the University of Szczecin. The evaluation is based on the scientific and research activities conducted by the academic staff in 2017 – 2021 in each scientific discipline.

    The University of Szczecin has been evaluated in 18 disciplines and after the appeal filed by our scientific units, we are proud to announce that following results:

    • history: A+
    • law, physics and political and administrative sciences, theology, management and quality science: A
    • the remaining 12 disciplines: B+

    The evaluation consists of assigning one of the categories: A+ (outstnading note give to roughly 5% of all institutions in Poland), A, B+, B or C (unsatisfactory level). The satisfactory evaluation results give the University the right to conduct studies in the given discipline, to to confer the academic degrees and influences the subsidy from the state budget.
    Congratulations to everyone involved in the evaluation process!