• Survey: Internationalisation of Teacher Education

    Survey: Internationalisation of Teacher Education

    DITE-Diverse Internationalisation of Teacher Education is a project that focuses on the element of internationalisation to increase capabilities of future teachers by sensitising TE students to international perspectives and we are collecting examples of good practice at the moment.

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  • DeepBlue research cruise

    DeepBlue research cruise

    Dr Dominik Zawadzki from the Institute of Marine and Environmental Sciences is participating in the research cruise on RV Sonne in the frame of the project: Characterization and monitoring of serpentinite mud volcanoes’ fluid/solid emissions in the Mariana Forearc DeepBlue / PORD.

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  • Graduation 2022

    Graduation 2022

    University of Szczecin celebrated this year’s Graduation Ceremony on 1 July 2022. It is one of the most important days in the life of the academic community. It is a time to celebrate all moments related to the University and the extraordinary adventure of studying.

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  • 2022 UN Ocean Conference

    2022 UN Ocean Conference

    We’re proud to inform that Institute of Marine and Environmental Sciences is co-organizing International Seabed Authority’s (ISA) side event: Enhancing scientific cooperation in support of regional environmental management planning in the international seabed area, at 2022 UN Ocean Conference.

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  • Станьте студентом Щецинського Університету

    Станьте студентом Щецинського Університету

    Якщо ви хочете стати студентом Щецинського Університету та дізнатися більше про нашу пропозицію та студентське життя – приходьте на консультації щосереди з 15.15 до 17.00. Чекаємо на вас у корпусі факультету Точних і Природничих наук за адресою вул. Великопольська 15 в кімнаті 27.

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  • Degree award ceremony

    Degree award ceremony

    The degree award ceremony at the University of Szczecin took place on 9 July 2022 at Natural Sciences Education and Research Centre. Our academic community has gained 26 new doctors and 1 doctor habilited.

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