Service Inter-Lab is a centre for the transfer of knowledge and innovation for service sector. It provides access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and to the most current knowledge.The aim of the centre is to provide assistance to entrepreneurs, to provide students with hands-on experience and to offer academics favourable conditions to create new knowledge.

Accounting and Controlling Research Laboratory

Accounting and Controlling Research Laboratory is equipped with IT infrastructure supported by specialized software enabling to keep accounting books, tax records, HR and payroll settlementswarehouse support modules, sales, productionetc. 

Banking Laboratory

Banking Laboratoryserves to disseminate knowledge about clearing/settlement  and banking systems. BankLab consists of devices that perform the tasks of banking institutions and specialist software for managing a modern bank.  

  • Consulting services  on the development of loan applications and the search for external financing;
  • Analysis of modern banking systems;
  • Analysis of the competitiveness of the banking sector in Poland;
  • Analyses concerning parabank institutions in Poland and the EU;
  • Studies on microfinance in Poland and worldwide;
  • Household insolvency analyses. 

Call Center Laboratory

Call Center Laboratory allows for quantitative research through telephone interviews. Sets of tablets and palmtops create conditions for field research.
CATI research – computer-assisted telephone interviews, whose main advantage is short time of their implementation, quick access to various respondents and relatively low costs.
CAWI research – face-to-face interviews via the Internet, enabling the selection of a convenient time for the respondent to take part in the research, the speed of research implementation and the use of graphic elements in the questionnaire.
CAPI research – interviews with a respondent using mobile devices, whose main advantages are convenience and modernity, coding and real time execution and speed of generating results.
CADAS MYSH – support of “mystery shopper” projects, starting from collecting data and source materials, through their verification and processing, to remote interactive presentation of research results.
Development of research tools – survey questionnaires using various measurement scales.
Remote training of interviewers.
CADAS Mobi – conducting monitoring of observations and interviews face to face on tablet and palmtop terminals.
Extensive data analysis in the form of text, images, audio/video files (visual data) – Atlas software.
Data analysis, creation of charts, operation on databases, performing data transformations and creating applications: Statistica and IBM SPSS Statistica. 

Electronic Administration and Digitization Laboratory

Electronic Administration and Digitization Laboratory teaches practical skills in electronic administration through the latest software and hardware. The e-AdminLab deals with the computerisation of public entities (simulating the work of the public sector in an IT environment) and the digitisation of cultural heritage (equipment enabling the creation of digital copies of analogue cultural artifacts). 

Focus Laboratory

Focus Laboratory focuses on conducting focused group interviews. Eyetracking stations and a monitoring system allows for recording and analysing the reactions of marketing research participants.  

  • Analyses of consumer behaviour patterns and behaviour;
  • Brand image research;
  • Studies on shopping habits;
  • Observations and controlled experiments;
  • Possibility to implement training courses with non-participatory observation to analyse the development needs of participants. 

Innovation Analysis Laboratory

Innovation Analysis  Laboratory analyses and optimises development processes, making decisions in conditions of uncertainty and multiple variables, as well as analysing possible alliances and acquiring strategic partners The laboratory allows not only to practice the knowledge transferred in a safe environment, but also supports companies in the implementation of experimental activities leading to increased innovation.  

  • Analysis and optimisation of company development processes;
  • Valuing technology and preparing opinions on innovation;
  • Analysis of the commercial potential of technologies and new solutions;
  • Creating product concepts using new technologies based on their commercial potential;
  • Strategic consultancy in the area of development of small innovative companies;
  • Analysis of effectiveness of business projects, including investment projects;
  • Use of crowdsourcing to obtain and evaluate directions for innovative activities;
  • Using creative methods to create and evaluate innovative solutions;
  • Analysis of decision factors influencing innovation processes under conditions of uncertainty, decision simulations;
  • Analyses of possible and effective alliances and obtaining strategic partners for the implemented and planned business activities;
  • Creation and analysis of databases for the implementation of company development activities. 

Logistics Research and Analysis Laboratory

Logistics Research and Analysis Laboratory (Log-Lab) reflects warehouse processes, and simulations of processes related to the logistics of micro and small businesses can also be performed here.  

  • Modelling, simulation and performance and cost analysis of logistics systems and processes;
  • Analysis of the routes used and design of the distribution of logistic nodes;
  • Pretests of the designed functionality of picking technology with the use of barcode terminals, rFID, pick-by-voice and pick-by-light;

Equipment: carousel rack, forklift simulator, rapid roll door, dock leveller, roller conveyor, semi-automatic belt conveyor, workshop and picking tables, rFID gates and printer, barcode readers, pick-by-light and pick-by-voice system.
Software: Adonis, Arena Simulation Software, WMS OPTIPromag, TMS Skylogic, PTV Visum/Vissim/Viswalk, X2System. 

Stock Exchange Laboratory

Stock Exchange Laboratory provides up-to-date data on individual financial instruments and the latest capital market information. Specialised software enables the acquisition of practical skills in investing on the stock exchange and supports the analysis of investment attractiveness of financial instruments (e.g. Notoria Online and Notoria StockGround software). 

Tourism Laboratory

Tourism Laboratory(TurLab) provides an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in e-tourism and cooperation with companies providing IT services for the tourism sector. 

  • Analysis of global trends in the tourism market;
  • Analysis of prices for air transport services;
  • Analysis of transport accessibility of tourist destinations;
  • Competitiveness assessment of tourist enterprises and regions;
  • Developing a strategy for developing tourism products;
  • Implementation of information and communication technologies in the tourism sector. 

Transport and Sustainable Mobility Research Laboratory

Transport and Sustainable Mobility Research Laboratory is equipped with programmes for modelling, simulating and forecasting traffic in transport. Within the framework of Trans-Lab there is also a Mobility Laboratory, whose activity concerns transport in Szczecin. The effect of cooperation with local and regional authorities are, among others, mobile applications for urban transport, comparison of cycling, walking, car routes or simulators of train, plane and PKP Cargo train model. The main areas of cooperation with the use of laboratory resources are: shaping the system of public passenger transport management, mobility audit, development of the eco-driving conceptmeasurement of traffic intensity on roads.  


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