University Education Centre


Health and Safety

The University Education Center conducts health and safety training for students and employees of the University of Szczecin. Training dates are provided on the website on a regular basis.

Contact information:
Monika Pach-Sadowska
phone: +48 91 444 38 16

Psychological Counselling

Psychological Counselling Centre offers free psychological counselling for students, PhD candidates and staff of the University of Szczecin. The psychological counselling is aimed at persons who:

  • live in stress,
  • experience constant anxiety or exhaustion,
  • do not draw satisfaction from life,
  • have problems with developing relationships with other people,
  • experience difficulties with developing close, satisfying relationships;
  • are unable of expressing their needs and feelings.

Do not wait for things “to sort out themselves”.  If you have a feeling that you experience mounting difficulties which surpass your capability to cope contact the Psychological Counselling Centre. Our experts are prepared to help you.
Meetings with a psychologist can be arranged on-line or directly in the Psychological Counselling Centre at 15, Wawrzyniaka St. (only by appointment).

Contact information
phone: +48 91 444 38 18

Teaching Practice

The University Education Center organizes teaching practice for the University of Szczecin students. A student is reffered to school for a teaching practice on a basis of a letter from the Dean’s Office about the field of study in which the student acquires the teaching license,

The internship unit within a centre is responsible for:

  • arranging teaching practice with the principals of Szczecin schools;
  • assigning students to schools for teacher practice;
  • student documentation, including their consents to participate in teaching practice, their refferals to schools and final assessments and reports;
  • organizing teaching practice for students with individual organization of studies consent;
  • preparing necessary documentation for schools, including student lists, programmes of the practice, contracts for the supervising teachers;
  • financial settlement of the organized teacher practice.

Contact information:
Anna Lipińska
phone: +48 91 444 3817

Contact us

University Education Centre
15, Wawrzyniaka St.
70-392 Szczecin

Head of the Centre: Assoc. Prof. Małgorzata Machałek, Prof. of the University of Szczecin
office hours: Wednesday, 15.00 – 16.30

Monika Pach-Sadowska
phone: +48 91 444 38 16

Teaching practice:
Anna Lipińska
phone: +48 91 444 38 17

Teaching Staff

Dr Wiesław Matys
office hours: Thursday, 12.00 – 13.30

Dr Bartosz Wojciechowski
office hours: Thursday, 10.15 – 11.00


Dr Edyta Kopaczewska
office hours: Thursday, 12.00 – 13.30

Dr Zofia Kuczyńska
office hours: Thursday, 12.00 – 13.30