• 15 JANUARY 2024

    The Ministry of Science and Higher Education announced the results of the competition in the “Regional Excellence Initiative” program. We are pleased to announce that the University of Szczecin has received funding for two complex projects for a total amount of over 28 million PLN.

    • “Strengthening the scientific potential for smart specializations in the West Pomerania”, implemented by the Institutes of the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Management. The main goal of the project is to strengthen the scientific potential to support the responsible development of the region and selected smart specializations of the West Pomerania: “Tourism and quality of life”, “Blue economy and green transport”, “Technologies and services of the future”. 
    • “Increasing the potential, quality and internationalization of interdisciplinary natural research” carried out at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Sciences and the Institute of Biology. The strategic goal of the project is to achieve the highest possible level of scientific research  in the field of natural sciences over the next 4 years. This is related to the need to increase the research potential of both institutes and the quality of natural research – both environmental and laboratory, with particular emphasis on socio-economic needs and the expansion of international cooperation.

    The Ministry of Science and Higher Education informs that the aim of the “Regional Initiative of Excellence” (RID) program is to strengthen the importance of university activities in disciplines or groups of scientific or artistic disciplines for which a competition is announced in a given region under the program. Academic universities treat their teaching and research missions in a balanced manner. By conducting scientific research in areas that build their recognition on a national and international scale and those that take into account regional specificity, they constitute specific centers of innovation, knowledge and competence in regions and often determine their development potentials. The role of these universities is, among others, educating qualified staff necessary for the functioning and development of society, economy and public administration.