• 14 OCTOBER 2022

    On 14 October 2022 the authorities of the University of Szczecin welcomed exceptionally nice guests from the Assistance Centre for Ukrainian Children established by the University of Szczecin on 20 June 2022.

    Rector Prof. Waldemar Tarczyński, Vice-Rector for Education Assoc. prof. Renata Podgórzańska, Prof. of the University of Szczecin, Vice-Rector for Finance Assoc. prof. Jacek Batóg, Prof. of the University of Szczecin and Rector’s Proxy for Ukraine Support Dr Dorota Kowalewska met with Mrs. Natalija Kovalczuk, Dr Katya Sklyar and three children from Ukraine.

    The children, who attended Polish and English classes and were provided with psychological and logopaedic support during the summer holidays, revealed their first impressions about Szczecin and Polish language and their favourite ways of spending leisure time. Mrs. Natalija Kovalczuk and Dr Katya Sklyar thanked for the generous support that the Centre had received so far and emphasized that the University of Szczecin had provided the Ukrainian children with opportunity to learn and play in a friendly environment.