• 14 DECEMBER 2020

    Do you teach data management? The Generation Data project introduces a toolkit addressed to HE teachers and lecturers who teach management-related subjects but can be used also for technical disciplines having a management-related component. At the same time, it represent a useful tool for policy-makers and other stakeholders involved or interested in entrepreneurship education.
    The Toolkit is an easy-to-use and informative document, useful to support teachers and lecturers who have little time to dedicate to professional training but are nevertheless interested in deepening their understanding of the smart data skills world and to learn how to improve their teaching of smart data use and management.

    The document includes:

    • The results of the data skills survey carried out by the partners in the initial project phase to find out which are the current needed skills and deficits of teachers and students when it comes to data skills
    • A review of the political and regulatory context governing data skills education at both EU and national/regional level
    • An introduction to strategies for teaching data skills to students and to early stage entrepreneurs, including best practices and testimonies