• 29 DECEMBER 2022

    Institute of Pedagogy, Institute of Management and Polish Association of Gerontology announce third annual conference on silver economy that will take place in March 2023. The conference will be held in Polish, English and French. Participation in the conference is free of charge and both on-line and on-site presence is welcomed.

    Registration link and publishing opportunities are available here. The conference is divided into the following blocks:


    • Seniors as purchasers of goods and services – potentials and constraints
    • Younger and older consumers – similarities and differences
    • Situation of men and women of post-working age
    • ICT in the life of a senior
    • Behaviors and attitudes of seniors during pandemic


    • Finances and resources in the senior households
    • The level and quality of life of senior households during the crisis
    • Situation of households and Covid-19
    • Multi-generational families vs. solitude
    • Smart homes and devices as gerontechnological solutions


    • Pro-senior strategies in companies and institutions
    • Senior entrepreneurship
    • Multi-generational family companies
    • Post-figurative vs. pre-figurative culture
    • Age management


    • Local, national and international senior citizens’ policy
    • Health situation and care of the elderly
    • Life Long Learning
    • Activity of NGO
    • Post-pandemic time – senior, their situation and challenges for the economy