• 30 MAY 2023

    The University of Szczecin Days took place on 26-27 May this year. We have traditionally started with the University Dictation. On the second day, we invited students, staff and residents of Szczecin to join us at Aleja Kwiatowa for a festival.Research drone flights, workshops, microscopes, telescopes, language and art competitions, legal advice, concert of the university Choir, a giant coloring book for children, soap bubbles, spectacular shows with use of liquid nitrogen and many, many other attractions prepared by the different university units. The entire event was streamed online by UNIwizja – the University of Szczecin TV station. The University Radio – NiUS Radio was there as well and broadcasted live from the event.  

    We would like to thank all employees involved in the organization of the event, and everyone who celebrated The University of Szczecin Days with us. We hope that our festival will become a reccuring event in everyone’s calendar!



    Foto: Marcin Boduszek