• 20 OCTOBER 2021

    International Relations Department is pleased to inform that a new Erasmus+ project under Key Action 2 has been approved. DITE – Diverse Internationalisation of Teacher Education will focus on introducing different aspects of internationalization to TE students curricula. The project consortium is built by 6 organizations:
    • University of Szczecin (leader)
    • Universitat Rovira i Virgili
    • Adam Mickiewicz University
    • University of Porto
    • Global Impact Institute
    • Sgroup – Universities in Europe network

    The project activities will result in 1. Report on the status of internationalisation of teacher education, 2. Conceptualisation and implementation of the Train-the-trainer Manual, 3. Design and development of the in-house training materials, 4. Report on the impact of the training, 5. and development of a model and guidelines for implementing DITE in Europe, 6. Establishment of a DITE Network with the outputs interactive online map & network of DITE experts.