• 15 JULY 2022

    Dr Dominik Zawadzki from the Institute of Marine and Environmental Sciences is participating in the research cruise on RV Sonne in the frame of the project: Characterization and monitoring of serpentinite mud volcanoes’ fluid/solid emissions in the Mariana Forearc DeepBlue / PORD.

    The main objective of DeepBlue is to study geodynamic processes and geochemical cycles in the Mariana Trench forearc, which represents a non-accretionary convergent margin. The RV SONNE will sample selected serpentinite mud volcanoes at varying distances from the trench in order to characterize the fluid and solid end members of the extrusives. DeepBlue’s overall scientific goal is to better understand fluid and solid transport in the non-accretionary Mariana forearc. The main objective is to illuminate the shallowest processes (near the trench) that occur below the forearc (and through which mud volcanoes can be sampled), as the depth of the subducted plate increases with increasing distance from the trench axis.

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    Participating institutions:

    • MARUM – Zentrum für Marine Umweltwissenschaften, Universität Bremen, Germany;
    • University of Innsbruck, Institut für Geologie, Austria;
    • Max-Planck Institut für Meteorologie (MPI-M), Hamburg, Germany;
    • Max-Planck Institut für Chemie (MPI-C), Mainz, Germany;
    • University of Szczecin, Institute of Marine and Environmental Sciences, Poland;
    • Chiba University, Graduate School of Science, Japan.