University Career Service - Optional internships

Do you have knowledge but lack experience? It doesn’t matter! We will help you!

Come to the University Careers Service of the University of Szczecin and we will organize an internship consistent with your field of study in a company/institution of your preference.

Optional unpaid internships are organized on the grounds of the internship regulations as well as the trilateral Internship Agreement.

How internships are organized?

  • Internships last between 1 to 3 months, 60 to 120 hours per month (15 hours per week at minimum).
  • The internship is being realized in a place agreed-upon between the University Career Service and an applying student, under consent of an Employer who will make decision regarding entering into cooperation with a particular person.
  • The scope of duties must be consistent with the study programme realized by the trainee at the University.
  • The date for the internship is being settled between the University Career Service, the Employer and the trainee.

Why You should do an internship?

As noticed by students themselves undergoing an internship allows to:

  • First and foremost, to acquire experience under tutelage of trainee’s supervisor who is every time appointed by the Employer
  • develop skills and recognize one’s own strengths and weaknesses which can be remedied,
  • develop new contacts which may bear fruit in the future,
  • show one’s positive side and as a consequence become employed,
  • channel own career path through learning about various types of industry branches and work positions.

Application documents for a Candidate:

  • an application form >>
  • a CV
  • a certificate issued by the University regarding applicant’s status as a student of the University of Szczecin or a photocopy of student’s ID card.
  • a declaration of an employer (required in case of the Candidates indicating an Employer willing to accept the applicant into an internship and for completing application documents)

If the optional internship is to be recognized as the obligatory internship resulting from your study programme you must first receive a permission of your Internship Supervisor. 

Application documents for an Employer:

  • Employer’s application form (an original document, a photocopy or a scan)
  • Internship programme (an original document, a photocopy or a scan)
  • A photocopy, a print-out or an extract from the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, the National Court Register or other valid registry document.

Make an appointment

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